• Around the world and back.

    Giving donors a complete picture of the work done by The Task Force for Global Health in a given year is a monumental job, since the nonprofit’s public health work takes place around the world in 89 countries, and encompasses a number of programs and initiatives. Telling its audience about all of that while keeping them interested and engaged makes the challenge even steeper. Built around the twin themes of collaboration and innovation, the 2012 annual report delivers a complete picture of The Task Force’s wide-ranging activities in an approachable way, neatly staying on the good side of the line dividing “exhaustive” from “exhausting.” Striking visuals, including a cover image from Ghana that highlights the collaboration theme, help tie together various programs and their achievements – highlighted by first-hand testimonials. Aided by a color grid system, readers can quickly find information to match their interests, from stories to an organizational overview.

  • Public health hero stories.

    The 2011 annual report highlights the organization’s accomplishments in The Task Force’s three sectors of work: advocating for the availability of immunizations and vaccines, preventing the spread of tropical diseases, and strengthening public health systems in the U.S. and around the world. Ultimately, Resonance helped The Task Force use the annual report to communicate the continued growth and impact of its programs. Callouts, charts, graphs and full-page photos assist in the design challenge of presenting large amounts of information in an engaging, accessible report. A detailed, two-page map offers a visual overview of the global reach of The Task Force’s programs in 91 countries.

    Sign language.

    When The Task Force hosted an open house to introduce newly expanded facilities, Resonance was asked to create oversized interior graphics that showcase the organization’s different sectors of work.