• We are one.

    Our challenge was to create an engaging donor recognition piece that doesn’t just feel like the standard booklet of page after page of names. Our answer: a rollfold that gradually reveals a series of large photos with messages relating to how Paideians learn, play, work, and give together. This complements the unfolding of a surprisingly long panel of names, completing the theme of togetherness.

  • Every gift counts.

    Simple, playful postcards accompany letters from the headmaster sent out several times a year. They remind Paideia families to consider giving to the school’s Annual Fund campaign.

  • Inch by inch, row by row.

    Playing off the “Garden Song” by John Denver, sung each year as sixth-grade students graduate from elementary school, we created an Annual Fund overview brochure that succinctly explains how contributions to the school enable Paideia’s continued growth and success.

  • What’s good for the Goose...

    The October 2009 fire that destroyed Paideia's historic "Mother Goose" building brought a need for a communication piece to raise funds for a new building. The piece showcased both the destruction of the building and the community's great affection for Mother Goose.