• Found in translation.

    GRA’s website translates the groundbreaking work of GRA’s Eminent Scholars. It also helps position Georgia as forward-looking and fast growing in university-based research. The often complex work of university scientists is simplified for non-scientific audiences on GRA’s website. Resonance developed the architecture, design and content for the site and worked with GRA’s technology partner to build the finished product.

  • Seeing the future.

    The 2010 GRA annual report showcased companies, researchers and infrastructure stories that help Georgia grow the economy of tomorrow. Resonance provided concept, writing, art direction, and design.

  • Greatest hits.

    The 2009 GRA annual report, produced in partnership with Resonance, provides an easy-to-read roundup of major developments in university-based research. In each case, GRA played a pivotal role in closing the deal.

  • Face-to-face fundraising.

    Only a few hundred booklets promoting GRA’s “Breakthrough” campaign were produced to support person-to-person fundraising with corporate and foundation leaders in 2009. They make the case for investing in GRA’s important work and showcase impressive returns on past investment.

  • Get in on the ground floor.

    The GRA Venture Fund is an independent private investment organization that helps fund companies associated with GRA’s commercialization program. Resonance designed a website that promotes current investment opportunities along with news and information about how the fund operates.