• Getting to the CORE of the message.

    Georgia CORE’s brand identity operates on two levels, one of which clarifies the organization’s full name. Business collateral, developed by Resonance, expands on that sense of possibility and hope.

  • Illustrating the impact.

    An update to the organization’s overview brochure allowed Resonance to visually highlight the impact that Georgia CORE and its network has had on the state. Simple, engaging infographics show various aspects of progress made in both the organization and in the state’s clinical trial network between 2006 and 2009.

  • Driving home the point.

    An overview brochure that Resonance concepted, wrote and designed for the organization focuses on one key message – more clinical cancer research is better for Georgia. The inside is a graphics-heavy explanation of why and how cancer research will benefit the state and Georgia CORE’s role in making this happen.

    Shedding light on treatment options.

    The Georgia Cancer Trials website Resonance helped develop makes it easier for patients, families and doctors to find currently available clinical treatments for cancer. Visitors can begin their search for open trials on the Home page.