• Spotlighting a first.

    Collaboration is at the heart of Educopia. Its offering is the first of its kind for libraries and cultural memory organizations. So the Educopia website first had to communicate a point of view to help visitors grasp the significance – and relevance  – of the value Educopia provides.

  • Putting libraries together.

    Library Publishing Coalition, Educopia’s latest initiative, explores how libraries can collaborate to create sustainable library publishing solutions. The identity suggests collaboration as well as forward momentum, while the website unpacks what this initiative means, and how college and university libraries can collaborate, create strategic partnerships, and develop shared standards.

  • ‘Did you make a backup?’

    One of Educopia's programs is a cooperative of libraries that participate in "distributed digital preservation" – a practice of safeguarding digital assets through a network of file servers. This idea is articulated in the MetaArchive identity. Digital artifacts are presented on the MetaArchive website in juxtaposition with a message about how current protection practices place those artifacts at risk. The site positions MetaArchive as an answer to this need.