• Conversations with the visually impaired.

    CVI wanted to develop an online exhibition to serve as a companion to the travelling exhibit, Blind/Sight, Conversations with the Visually Impaired. The exhibition features a collection of photographs of people with vision loss, a biography of each person and an illustration of what they see. Resonance teamed with CVI, photographer Billy Howard, illustrator Laurie Shock and programmer Jay Kelly Interactive to create a virtual experience that has been experienced by thousands of people around the world.

  • A website for the visually impaired.

    A special challenge with the creation of CVI’s website was to make it engaging to their key audiences – specifically those with vision impairment. Working in partnership with Jay Kelly Interactive, Resonance provided architecture and design for an experience that offers improved control over content (including abilities to adjust type size and color contrasts), greater integration with social media and new multi-media capabilities that both inspire and generate support for the organization.

  • Clearly different.

    CVI turned again to Resonance with a request to expand the organization’s online presence with a website for ClearAnswer, a for-profit call center that offers employment for the visually impaired and also provides funding for CVI’s programs and services. Top-level messages and accompanying images play off the “clear” theme to accentuate how different ClearAnswer is from its competitors.