• Like Grand Central for Atlanta higher ed.

    The ARCHE website is an online hub rich in functionality and information. It features a clickable map that whisks visitors to individual pages for each member institution; a search engine that serves up info on degree programs at the 20 campuses; an information center that houses an array of ARCHE studies and reports; and a newsroom that broadcasts campus news and region-specific feature stories. Resonance worked with ARCHE to develop the strategy and architecture for the site, created the design, and managed the project from inception to launch.

  • Telling a story with numbers.

    The report Higher Return quantifies how investment in education benefits communities and the state. The value of education in Georgia is defined in a wide range of statistical measures, with each page articulating this value in a single declarative sentence. Resonance helped ARCHE develop the core messaging, defined the chart/graph styles, then designed and produced the finished report.

  • Shining in the national spotlight.

    Higher Ed in U.S. Metro Areas, ARCHE’s signature national report, was updated in 2008 in two parts. The first showcased Atlanta’s top-8 place among 50 metro areas in 22 higher education metrics. The second distilled Atlanta’s strengths into a talking-point style brochure. The two pieces work together or independently, and ARCHE adds customized tables and graphs to the mix as needed. Resonance did the conceptual work for the package and provided writing and design.