Too many creative service firms are satisfied with slick communication products. For the money you pay, you get a better-looking brochure or sleeker Web site.

Resonance aims higher.

Everything we do for you is focused on how to get the best possible result from any investment you make in communications. Which is why we begin every engagement with the simple question, What do you want to happen?

With your answer to this question foremost in our minds, we shape your communications to:

  1. Be relevant. It’s not enough to be noticed and understood. Your target audiences must embrace what you’ve got to offer. And relevance is where your communication must begin, not end.
  2. Seize attention. This is accomplished through creativity. In the endless torrent of messages and promotions, you must act imaginatively, not only in word and image, but in ergonomics, format, and online experience.
  3. Promote quick understanding. Technology has changed human interaction with communication. Comprehension must be instantaneous. That means your communication must be clear before clever.

Achieving these three goals invariably leads to better results. And we can help you achieve all three. Here are a few other things to know about us:

  • While we have the flexibility to work with almost any client, our strengths are in meeting the needs of non-profit organizations in the healthcare, research, educational and cultural fields. We take pride in helping these high-profile clients get exemplary results from their communications.
  • We tell you what we really think. And what we really think is born from our view of most promising options and outcomes, not a single “right answer.”
  • While we do many forms of marketing, we don’t do “everything.” Our strengths are brand identity, strategy and messaging, and print and interactive communications. We have trusted partners who can help with related activities, from creating video to building trade show booths. To learn more about how we’ve helped organizations derive greater value from their communications, we invite you to review our portfolio.